Get recognition for your reviews for SAGE Publishing

SAGE is partnering with Publons to give you recognition for your contribution to peer review. SAGE highly values the expertise and hard work of reviewers, and the essential role that you play in maintaining the integrity and accuracy of research. Our partnership with Publons includes the integration of 1000 of our journals with the service to enable you to quickly and easily get the recognition you deserve.

What is Publons?

Publons is a free service that enables you to effortlessly record, verify, and showcase your peer review contributions. You can be assured that reviewer anonymity is maintained, in accordance with the journal’s review policy.

How does Publons work?

SAGE has partnered with Publons to make it easier for you to add reviews to your profile.

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For these integrated journals this means:

  • You can opt-in to receive recognition on Publons at the point of your review submission
  • You’ll be invited to set up a profile on Publons and claim your review
  • You can choose the ‘auto-add’ option in your profile. This means with just the click of a button your reviews for this and any other integrated journals will automatically be added to your Publons profile in future – so it really couldn’t be easier to get credit for your work!

For all other journals:

  • Reviewers can set up a profile on Publons
  • You can then manually add any reviews completed from throughout your entire career by forwarding the reviewer receipt email to or filling out the online form from your account

Join the rapidly growing Publons community

183,882 SAGE Publishing reviewers have already added 704,020 of their reviews to Publons.

If you'd like to get a head start on setting up your reviewer profile, create a free account now.

Any questions? Check out the FAQ here.

You can now sign in to Publons, EndNote, and Web of Science with one email address and password.

If you previously had a ResearcherID account or already have an account with one of the above products, please sign in with your credentials for that service to start using Publons. Learn more about registering for Publons here.

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