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Get Credit for Peer Review

Publons is a network of more than 65,000 reviewers, editors, and authors aligned in their pursuit of better accountability and transparency in, as well as recognition for, peer review.

We verify peer review contributions allowing us to provide official reports to be used in funding and promotion applications.

Keep a verified record of your peer review activity to be used in funding and promotion applications.

It's as easy as forwarding your review receipts ('thank you for reviewing' emails from editors) to We'll verify them and add them to your profile for you.

Keep track of papers you reviewed as they're published and the altmetrics stack up.

We'll let you know when papers you've reviewed become published and give you an overview of engagement with those papers online.

Compare your reviewing behaviour to others in your field and at your institutions.

Publons' profile statistics give you a quick overview of how you compare to your peers in review frequency, paper acceptance rate, average word count and more.

"I've started recording my peer review activity with @Publons. I like that they give you some interesting stats"
"The process of importing review through email receipts in @Publons was simple & efficient. Will do it from now on."
"It was an absolute no brainer to include my Publons profile and verified review record in my promotion application. It really stood out that someone could verify what I had done in terms of peer review."