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Get a verified record of your peer review work you can use in promotion applications.

How it works

  • Forward your "thank you for reviewing" emails to
  • We’ll verify and add a record of your reviews to your public reviewer profile (see eg).
  • All sensitive information is hidden by default to protect reviewer anonymity. You choose what to display.

Publons also partners with many of the world's top publishers to automatically credit reviewers. See our partners below.

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About Publons

We work with reviewers, journals, and editors to speed up science by incentivizing better and faster peer review.

The service is free for reviewers, and means reviewers can get credit for all types of peer review across all journals from all academic disciplines.

For more info, check out our About page, or browse the reviewer profiles of researchers in your field.

Publons for Editors, Journals, and Publishers

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