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Unveiling our new review format & site redesign

So if you've logged onto Publons in the last couple of days, you may have noticed some big changes! Most obvious is that the website has had a complete visual upgrade. We're looking classy in blue now!

But even more exciting than the visual upgrade - our novel review format is now live. The new format has been developed based on research we talked about in our previous blog posts, and on feedback from users.

The thing we like best about the new review format is that the workflow is super easy. Rate the paper out of ten in two separate categories - quality and significance - and add your comments to tell others about the paper. The dynamic help text provides a checklist of important points to cover in your comments, so you'll never be stuck wondering what to write.

The data that flows from this review process is mouthwatering - imagine being able to visualize the quality and significance of all papers like goodfil.ms does for the quality/rewatchability of films:


As always, we would love to hear your feedback. Find a paper you've engaged with, and give it a go!

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