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Royal Society partners with Publons to improve peer review process

Three hundred and fifty years ago, the Royal Society launched the world’s first scientific journal. Today, they have partnered with the world’s first peer review recognition platform to improve the peer review process they more or less invented. We at Publons are delighted to have Royal Society join with us to usher in a new era of peer review -- an era where fast and thorough peer review is acknowledged as a valuable contribution to science.

The partnership aims to improve the peer review process at the Royal Society’s flagship biological research journal, Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. Reviewers for Proceedings B will be given the opportunity to automatically get credit on Publons for their review work, and to make use of the full range of Publons features for reviewers (such as tools to help add their review activity to their resumé, and access to a suite of reviewer stats to show how they compare to others in their field).

A comment on the partnership from Phil Hurst of the Royal Society:

Peer review plays an essential role in scholarly communication. The Royal Society is pleased to partner with Publons to provide reviewers with the opportunity to be recognised for their vital work.

Reviewers that opt in to Publons will have their review record added as e.g. “Reviewed for Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences in September 2015”.

For full details on the partnership, see the Publons-Royal Society partnership page:

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