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Publons to launch pilot with The University of Queensland Library

Today we are delighted to announce a pilot integration with The University of Queensland Library (UQL), making the University of Queensland the first university in the world to include verified peer review contributions in their research output management system.

Universities have a critical role to play in improving peer review -- including peer review contributions in their assessments of researchers vastly increases the incentive to perform peer review. Publons has solved the issue of recording and verifying peer review activity, and now it is up to universities and funding agencies to make use of this critical research output. The University of Queensland have taken the important first step towards that.

The goals of the pilot are two-fold:

  1. to help University of Queensland researchers get credit for their peer review, and
  2. to provide University of Queensland decision makers a greater picture of their researcher’s peer review contributions.

Amberyn Thomas, Manager of The University of Queensland Library’s Scholarly Publications and Digitisation Services, said of the pilot integration:

We at The University of Queensland Library are really excited at the prospect of including peer review outputs into our research output management system. It means we can give our researchers greater recognition for their peer review work and gain insights into how much our researchers are peer reviewing, and who they are peer reviewing for.

It is only a matter of time before all universities will include peer review activity alongside their other research outputs, so we commend the University of Queensland Library for leading the charge on providing recognition for peer review at the university level.

This pilot is one of many exciting initiatives to improve peer review we have announced during Peer Review Week 2015 -- see all the others on our blog.

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