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Publons: the future of academic publishing?

The academic publishing system is broken. It is slow, expensive, and closed in an age that has the technology and the will to make it fast, free, and open.

The industry has been surprisingly static for the last few centuries, but change *is *brewing. Some are boycotting the worst-offending publishers. Others are working on opening up articles and data.

We at Publons are here to open up peer review.

The peer review process often delays the communication of new findings by six months or more, and the quality of the reviews are inconsistent. Why? Our answer is because there are no incentives for reviewers to do a good job.

But if we can build a system with the right incentives, then you can build your reputation by doing exactly what you're here to do - contribute to science.

The first step is to provide a platform that enables academics to get credit for reviewing papers - a place to publicly review any paper published anywhere, and a user profile to house all of their reviews. From there, academics can build reputation for contributing valuable reviews, and use this reputation to improve their resume.

This is Publons in a nutshell - crowd-sourced peer review that gives credit where it's due.

Is this model the future of academic publishing? Let us know your thoughts here, by email, or by joining the discussion on our manifesto.

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