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Publons partners with Altmetric: quantity AND quality

We're excited to announce yet another step toward our goal of becoming the place where all of science is evaluated.

As of January 2014, Altmetric - whose mission is to "track and analyse the online activity around scholarly literature" - will be importing and displaying metadata from both pre- and post-publication peer reviews from Publons.

At present, Altmetric allows authors to see, in real time, the attention that their papers are getting. Coming out of the burgeoning altmetrics ('alternative metrics') movement, it also allows people to see the impact papers are having above and beyond simple citation data.

We're really excited about the partnership, as it means that authors will not only be able to see information on the popularity of their work (a critical metric in today's science community) but also, through our review scoring process, information on its quality.

Altmetric will be using our brand new API to do all of this - you can find the API here, and we'd love to talk to you if you want to use it!

See more details from the Altmetric announcement here.

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