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New: university leaderboard and profiles, dashboard upgrades and journal endorsements

Over the last few months we've been beavering away, steadily improving the site while not necessarily letting anyone know what we're up to! Well there are several exciting new developments on Publons that you won't know about if you haven't been visiting the site during this period. The big ones are:

  • University leaderboard
  • Improvements to your reviewer dashboard
  • University profile pages
  • Journal endorsements

University Leaderboard

Of all of these you are most likely to have encountered the University Leaderboard. This is exactly what it sounds like, a ranking of institutions based on the contributions of their members to Publons. This ranking can be filtered by country and ordered in several ways so see how you and your university stack up (and then compel your colleagues to sign up and force yourselves up the rankings!).

Dashboard Updates

Your Publons dashboard is your destination to monitor your reviews and the status of their associated papers. We've recently overhauled this page to give you better control over how these reviews are ordered and displayed which we hope will make it easier to identify reviews which still require additional information, or, for example, display all of your published reviews at once.

University Profiles

Previously if you'd wanted to find your colleagues on Publons you'd have to wade through the listings of reviewers here. Now, you can simply follow your institutional affiliations from your profile to the institution's detail page where you'll find a full list of all affiliated reviewers on Publons. It also makes a great destination for first time visitors when you recommend Publons to your colleagues.

Journal Endorsements

Finally, we've received many requests in the past for a facility with which you can rate your experience reviewing for certain journals. While we're not quite ready to open our journal detail pages to comments or reviews, we are now offering you the chance to give endorsements or 'upvotes' to the journals you appreciate the most. Simply click the + found on journal detail page to add your voice to the approving mob.

As always, we're eager to hear what you make of these developments so don't hesitate to contact us. And there's always more to come so stay tuned for exciting future announcements.

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