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New release! New search, new content, and a new stripe

It's been an exciting few weeks, and we have some great new features!

Oodles of reviews

As part of our mission to become the repository for peer review content worldwide, we've begun pulling in open, published peer review from around the web.

As of today, we have 1,600 new reviews on the site, sourced from excellent open source journals PeerJ and Biology Direct. And we're working on pulling in more reviews from other sources, so stay tuned!

But how on earth are you to find reviews and papers in which you're interested?

New, more powerful search

Our code gurus have also been hard at work redesigning our search functionality. It's now far more powerful and intuitive - gone are the days of failed searches with no results because you didn't enter a very exact term.

Instead, we've gone back to the core of the site - its content - and indexed everything so that a search, no matter how broad, should give you what you need (or at the very least suggest something for you.)

Want to try? Go and search for 'vaccine', we dare you…

A silver lining

As we mentioned in December, we've partnered with Altmetric to bring authors detailed information on the popularity and quality of their work. The partnership is the first step in our becoming not only the repository of all peer review information, but the central source used by other services to add value to the scientific process.

As of yesterday, we're thrilled to announce that Altmetric has now started displaying Publons data on its trademark donut - you can spot it as the new silver strip in the donut, in the 'Mentioned by' section, and in the 'Peer reviews' tab. See an example here.

We're particularly excited about this because it gives greater visibility to our reviews and the papers being reviewed, and furthers our mission of making reviewers and authors look awesome!


We encourage you to head on over to Publons and have a look for papers and reviews which interest you. Of course, don't forget you can import your papers and reviews, too!

As always, please do get in touch with any comments and questions you have - your feedback is a huge part of helping us to build the best product for you, our customers :)

Yours in science,

The Publons team

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