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New features: turn review receipts into a verified review record + credit for editors

We've received a lot of feedback and have learnt a ton from our users. It's fantastic to hear a number of you are already using their Publons reviewer profiles in promotion and funding applications.

Today we're announcing two great new features based on things we've learned from you all.

1. Turn your review receipts into a verified review record

An independently verified reviewer record is useful for highlighting your additional academic contributions in hiring and funding applications. Now we've made it super easy to put together your own by supporting review receipts as a method of adding and verifying reviews.

Simply forward the review receipts you receive from journals to reviews@publons.com, and we'll check the receipts, verify the reviews, and add them (blind, unpublished) to your reviewer profile.

We'll return you a private link for each review to allow you to change the display settings or add any extra information about the review.

Most of our top users have already started using this feature and have quickly added hundreds of verified reviews to their profiles.

In cases where you no longer have the review receipt, we've updated our review form to allow you to add the editor, so that we can ask the editor to verify the review record.

2. Credit for editors

Editors play a vital role in the peer review process, but like peer reviewers, often get little to no credit for their efforts. We are releasing a range of features for editors in the coming months, and we've kicked it off by allowing users to add a record of the journals they're an editor for.

You can add a record of the journals you are (or have been) an editor for on your edit profile page.

Get in touch to tell us what features you think we should be working on next!

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