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1,000 SAGE journals added to Publons in new partnership

Major news: SAGE Publishing, one of the world's leading independent and academic publishers, has partnered with Publons to provide automated recognition to peer reviewers for up to 1,000 of their academic journals.

More than 30,000 SAGE peer reviewers have recorded more than 80,000 reviews on Publons since our pilot partnership began in June 2016.

Now, with the outstanding addition of 1,000 journals offering streamlined reviewer recognition, Publons and SAGE will ensure millions more peer reviews are formally recognized and logged as evidence of each reviewer's valuable contribution to the scholarly corpus.

Reviewers will also benefit from SAGE's use of our Historic Review Upload feature — automatically populating reviewers' profiles with reviews performed in years gone by — providing increased visibility and recognition for past peer review contributions. Publons users can easily download a verified record of their work or point to their profile as evidence of their service and standing for promotion and funding applications.

"Our role as a publisher is to build bridges to knowledge by facilitating the publication of high quality research,” commented Tessa Picknett, Executive Director, STM, SAGE.

“Since our foundation, SAGE has been committed to supporting the communities we serve throughout the research and publication process. A key component of this role is supporting the integral and vital work of peer review. This extended partnership with Publons offers an innovative approach to improve reward and recognition for the important role that peer reviewers play, and we look forward to providing the latest tools and technology to best support our author, editor, society and reviewer communities.”

Publons’ Managing Director Andrew Preston said: “SAGE was one of the first major publishers to partner with Publons and commit to recognizing their reviewers’ worldwide. Their support has been instrumental in opening the debate on peer review and revolutionizing the criteria in which researchers are assessed. We’re proud about what this extended partnership means for recognition, innovation, and reputational incentives in peer review.”

News of this large-scale partnership comes off the back of our recent announcements with the American Psychological Association and the Institution of Engineering and Technology, as well as our celebration of 100,000 Wiley peer reviewers on Publons.

For more details on our SAGE partnership please see our full press release here.

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