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Publons is speeding up science by providing tools and services to improve the transparency, integrity, quality, and timeliness of peer review and (by extension) academic publishing. The Publons API is provided to forward those goals.

The API is used to manage review information. You can use our APIs to GET or POST information about articles, reviews, and academics. Our APIs are intended to be RESTful and self documenting. The current API version is v2. Responses are delivered as JSON or via this web interface.


This API is developed with YAGNI (You Aren't Going to Need It) in mind and supports the bare minimum needed by its current users.


Base url: /api/v2/.


  • Details of objects returned by GETS can be found here.
  • Details of objects required and returned by POSTS can be found here.
  • Authentication




    While browsing the API your Publons session will be used to automatically authenticate you.


    Any other requests should include a token in the Authorization HTTP header and prefixed with "Token".

    Log in to view your API token.



    By default requests are throttled to 100 per day. Exceptions can be made for educational or research use by emailing with details of the project and reasoning for the exemption.


    The API supports common query parameters, each endpoint may support additional parameters

    • paginate_by - (Int - default: 10, max: 10) Paginate list results.
    • format - (json, api - default: json) Select the response type.

    Response Codes

    • 200 OK - Success.
    • 201 Created - Success.

    Successful requests will return response objects or, if multiple objects are found, paginated lists of objects.

    • 400 Bad Request - You are doing something wrong.
    • 403 Forbidden - You do not have permission to do this.
    • 404 Not Found - Resource not found.
    • 405 Method Not Allowed - You're probably trying to post to a resource that only supports GET.

    Unsuccessful requests will return a dictionary of errors.

    Terms of Service

    By using the Publons API you agree to the Publons API Terms of Service and the Publons Terms of Service.