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Reviews on Publons

Here’s a cumulative view of the pre-publication reviews Weidong Wang performed in 2017. We've compared Weidong Wang's stats with the average number of reviews performed by researchers on Publons, and the 722 other researchers in Weidong Wang's field, Nanotechnology. This is the field Weidong Wang shares with the largest number of researchers on Publons. Read more about this here.

Looking deeper

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All stats are compared with peers in their field (Nanotechnology) who performed that action this year.
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  • Average words per review


    Avg for field: 215.0
  • Total citations of reviewed manuscripts


    Avg for field: 37.7
  • Sum of Altmetric scores for reviewed manuscripts


    Avg for field: 19.6
  • No. of manuscripts published in 2017 that you reviewed


    Avg for field: 3.0
  • Journal reviewed for the most

    2D Materials

    With 4 reviews
  • Ratio of reviews to publications


    Ratio for field: 1:0.1
  • Total citations of authored manuscripts


    Avg for field: 74.4
  • Sum of Altmetric scores for authored publications


    Avg for field: 13.5
  • No. of manuscripts edited


    Avg for field: 1.7
  • No. of excellent reviews


    Total for field: 61
  • No. of peer review awards


    Total for field: 124
  • Academy cadets supervised


    Total for field: 2
  • Academy modules completed


    Total for field: 36
  • Times "recommend" was used in reviews


    Total for field: 313

A global view

See the global reach of Xidian University. Hover over or tap on the map to see how many times Weidong Wang and their peers have interacted with journals around the globe as reviewers, editors, and authors on Publons.