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Abstract, title and references The title is not clearly defined (smallholder honey producers or large scale/investor). The abstract is not clear and attractive that much . Remove Irrelevant references example; - Tesfaye S, Bedada B, Mesay Y. Impact of improved wheat technology adoption on productivity and income in Ethiopia. Afr Crop Sci J.2016;24(s1):127–35. -Teklewold H, Kassie M, Shiferaw B, Köhlin G. Cropping system diversifcation, conservation tillage and modern seed adoption in Ethiopia: impacts on household income, agrochemical use and demand for labor. Ecol Econ. 2013;93:85–93 -Tesfaye H, Baye B, Eyob B, Kaleb K, Daniel H, Fitsum D. Impact of improved wheat variety on productivity in Oromia Region, Ethiopia. Greener J Agric Sci. 2018;8(4):74–81

old reference , Example; Mariapia M. Agricultural technology adoption and poverty reduction: a propensity-score matching analysis for rural Bangladesh. Food Policy. 2007;32:372–93

Introduction/background Lack of consistence the title and introduction part. The title is Impact of Modern beehive technology adoptions on honey production. but the introduction all presents about the efficiency of honey production and the adoption of modern beehive technology. therefor from the insight of introduction the title should be better if ''production efficiency of honey production or/and the adoption modern beehive technology .rather impact.

The gap is not clearly defined

Methods I am not satisfied with the sampling technique. There is production differentiation among Dega/Highland, Woynadega/middle and Kolla/low land. but the sampling technique is not consider this production differentiation and perception. Type of data, source and method of data collection is not present in this document. I disagree with this statement''Adoption decision studies mostly employ a probit/logit model to determine the factors that infuence the probability''. Double hurdle is also the most common method to analys the factors affecting adoption

Results It will be better if the descriptive analysis is include the significance differences among the two groups for contentious and categorical variable present separately . the number of decimals should be consistent. you have presented like some parts 2 and the other 3 digits after decimal.

Discussion and Conclusions The conclusion part is not write clearly. the author should understand the difference between summary and conclusion. The author write the conclusion seems like summary.

overall lack of consistency across the document


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    Tarekegn, K., Ayele, A. 2020. Impact of improved beehives technology adoption on honey production efficiency: empirical evidence from Southern Ethiopia. Agriculture & Food Security, 9(1).