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# General comment In this systematic review, the Authors analysed literature in order to establish whether impaired postural control is more prevalent in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients than in healthy age-matched subjects, and to assess the main characteristics these patients present that contribute to impaired postural control. They concluded that patients with COPD present postural control impairment when compared with age-matched healthy controls and that associated factors contributing to impaired postural control can be muscle weakness, physical inactivity, elderly age, need for supplemental oxygen, and limited mobility. The analysis was well conducted, motivated and discussed.

Specific comments


The aim was clear, the title short and informative. The abstract well summarise the rest of the article.


The need of the review was adequately justified; previous researches on the field were correctly described.


A fair number of databases was searched, with proper MeSH terms. The description of study reliability was complete and consistently performed, in particular regarding full papers inclusion, evaluated by means of the PEDro scale.

Results and discussion

Data were appropriately extracted from literature and presented though readable tables that concisely summarise the information contained in the articles included. The main findings are clinically relevant and should be taken into account in the future guidelines for the treatment of COPD patients.

My only minor concern is about the inclusion of TUG test description for evaluating postural control. I think its inclusion is appropriate, but should be better motivated for readers not familiar with it.

Overall, this review article had sound scientific rigour, and provide valuable insights for clinicians working with this pathology.


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