Content of review 1, reviewed on June 03, 2020

The article provides insight into the immune marker comparison between COVID-19 and bacterial septic shock patients, while showing higher immune expression of marker mHLA-DR in bacterial septic shock patients.The study uses Anti-HLA-DR/Anti-Monocyte Quantibrite assay to compare the expression levels.

The authors should perhaps also explore other immune markers such as CD4 cells, CD19 lymphocytes, and natural killer (NK) cells, T-cells etc and maybe have orthogonal validation of other proteomics/gene expression based assays.


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    Matthijs, K., Tim, F., Jeroen, S., L., v. d. V. F., M., K. H. J. P., Peter, P. 2020. COVID-19 patients exhibit less pronounced immune suppression compared with bacterial septic shock patients. Critical Care.