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Paper title: Patient knowledge on stroke risk factors, symptoms and treatment options'
Aim(s): Level of Awareness about stroke among stroke patients

DOI: Review due date: 1/06/19 Section Points to Ponder Review comments and notes

Abstract, title and references ● Is the aim clear? ● Is it clear what the study found and how they did it? ● Is the title informative and relevant? ● Are the references: ● Relevant? ● Recent? ● Referenced correctly? ● Are appropriate key studies included?

COMMENTS 1. The aim ,objectives and conclusions are clear and are reflected in the research title except TIA

Methods ● Is the process of subject selection clear? ● Are the variables defined and measured appropriately? ● Are the study methods valid and reliable? ● Is there enough detail in order to replicate the study?

1.Why were Aphasic patients included in the study – Aphasic patients(Wernickes) would not comprehend the questions correctly and may not answer. 2. I would recommend to include general public rather than stroke patients as the stroke patients will invariably say YES to first two questions.(because of neurodefecit and anxiety/stress related to stroke) 3.Results of this study would vary from place to place depending on the awareness programmes and the degree of literacy among the citizens of that particular place where the study is conducted.

Discussion and Conclusions ● Are the results discussed from multiple angles and placed into context without being overinterpreted? ● Do the conclusions answer the aims of the study? ● Are the conclusions supported by references or results? ● Are the limitations of the study fatal or are they opportunities to inform future research?

COMMENTS 1. Results might get influenced by the treatment given to patients within first 72 hours. (patients may mention the treatment options correctly after receiving same in emergency department)

Overall ● Was the study design appropriate to answer the aim? ● What did this study add to what was already known on this topic? ● What were the major flaws of this article? ● Is the article consistent within itself?

COMMENTS This study stresses the need of awareness programmes highlighting the stroke signs and treatment options in stroke patients ,which would in turn minimise the pre-hospital delay and improve prognosis in stroke patients.

Structure your comments into a full review: This study has less validity and reliability and is not reproducible

Overall statement or summary of the article and its findings in your own words
A prospective ,single blind study which showcases the lack of awareness of stroke signs and treatment options among stroke patients.

Overall strengths of the article and what impact it might have in your field

This study gives us a good insight about the stroke awareness and the need for more education and awareness programmes.

Specific comments on weaknesses of the article and what could be done to improve it Major points in the article which needs clarification, refinement, reanalysis, rewrites and/or additional information and suggestions for what could be done to improve the article.

1.Inclusion of Aphasic patients 2.Including stroke patients rather than general public


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    Waqar, F. K., Antje, S., Bente, T., Morten, R. O. 2018. Patient knowledge on stroke risk factors, symptoms and treatment options. Vascular Health and Risk Management.