Content of review 1, reviewed on June 14, 2014

Following presentation of the paper at SIGGRAPH 2011 I can only recall one question from Wenzel Jakob: "How were the parameters of the BSSRDF derived when rendering a textured surface, like the face images?" Response: A pre-computed lookup table is used to map a requested diffuse albedo to a single-scattering albedo such that normally incident illumination of a semi-infinite material produces the desired diffuse albedo. For the skin renders, this was done for a fixed index of refraction (1.4). How this is applied during rendering using the radial binning acceleration method is explained further in the paper.


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    D'Eon, E., Irving, G. 2011. A quantized-diffusion model for rendering translucent materials. ACM Transactions on Graphics, 30(4): 1.