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The chemical element abundance on planetary surface is essential for planetary science. We have been developing an active X-ray spectrometer (AXS), which is an in-situ chemical element analyzer based on the X-ray fluorescence analysis for future planetary landing missions. The AXS consists of an X-ray detector and multiple X-ray sources. Although a pyroelectric X-ray generator is promising for the AXS as an X-ray source, the raise of emission Xray intensity is necessary for short-time and precise determination of elemental composition. Also, in order to enhance the detection efficiency of light major elements such as Mg, Al, and Si, we have tested the low energy X-ray emission by changing the target material. In this study, the X-ray emission calculation at the target by Monte Carlo simulation and the X-ray emission experiments were carried out. More than 10(6) cps of the time-averaged X-ray emission rate was achieved in maximum using a LiTaO3 crystal with 4 mm thickness and Cu target with 10 mu m thickness. The performance of pyroelectric X-ray generator is presented in this paper.


Kusano, Hiroki;  Oyama, Yuki;  Naito, Masayuki;  Nagaoka, Hiroshi;  Kuno, Haruyoshi;  Shibamura, Eido;  Hasabe, Nobuyuki;  Amano, Yoshiharu;  Kim, Kyeong J.;  Matias Lopes, Jose A.

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