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Polyoxometallates (POMs) as electrocatalysts are one of the most growing fields of contemporary research. Keggin-type phosphomolybdate heteropolyanions have been investigated sufficiently and applied in industry. Promising prospects of Dawson-type phosphomolybdate heteropolyanions are discussed. Electrochemical behavior of Keggin- and Dawson-type phosphomolybdate heteropolyanions have been compared. The potentials of electron reductions of the P2Mo18O62-anion in solutions with various pH were estimated. Special focus was on methods of formation electrodes modified by POMs. The most common deposition techniques of POMs as chemisorption, electrodeposition, encapsulation in polymers or sol-gels, formation of hybrid POM-organic species were described. Advantages and disadvantages of techniques were mentioned in the paper. The electrochemical behavior of modified electrodes were compared to the parents POMs. It should be noted, that modified electrodes were characterized by electrochemical stability change, characteristic peaks shift and pH sensitive change. We can talk about the synthesis of new material and the study of its properties.


Poltavets, Veronika V.;  Denisenko, Tatyana A.;  Vishnikin, Andrii B.

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