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The objective of this trial was to evaluate the fermentative characteristics and nutritional quality of sugarcane treated with microbial additives and 10% of soybean crop residue based on sugarcane fresh weight. The variety RB855536 harvested at 16 months of age was used in a completely randomized design with tree repetitions. Addition of soybean crop residue reduced 33% of DM losses and 60% of ammonia-N (% total N) although final silage pH increased. Use of inoculants reduced silage pH only in association with soybean crop residue with no significant effects on the remaining variables. For all treatments, silages had higher contents of fiber and lower DM levels than the material before ensiling. In vitro dry matter digestibility (IVDMD) was significantly higher (P < 0.05) on treatments with soybean crop residue compared to the other treatments. Moreover, compared with the material used for ensiling, reduction in digestibility was higher for treatments without soybean crop residue (24.3% vs. 9.3%). Combination of soybean crop residue with sugarcane improved nutritional quality and reduced DM and soluble carbohydrates losses, mainly in the form of gases, diluting the proportion of cell wall components and preventing losses in forage IVDMD. The use of the inoculants L. plantarum and L. buchneri during ensiling of sugarcane is not recommended because no improvement was observed on the chemical composition or fermentation profile of silages.


de Paula Freitas, Acyr Wanderley;  Pereira, Jose Carlos;  Rocha, Fernanda Cipriano;  Costa, Marcone Geraldo;  de Paula Leonel, Fernando;  Ribeiro, Marinaldo Divino

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