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We considered four groups of legal principles inherent in the natural resources management law: general legal principles; legal principles relating only to natural objects, but not only to the use of these objects; introductory provisions, addressed only to the right to use natural objects; principles inherent in the right to use but not all primary natural objects. The analysis of natural resource legislation within the natural resource management law framework revealed that not all of these natural resource management law principles had been developed equally as the main instruments of legal regulation. The principle of the derivation of the right to use natural resources from the right of ownership, the principle of sustainability of the right to use natural resources, the principle of the intended use of natural resources, and the principle of payment for natural resource use are more developed in the current legislation. It is proved that the current normative legal acts governing relations of natural resource management understand natural objects as complex natural formations, each of which acts as an integral component of the natural environment, interacting with all other natural components and ensuring their existence, as well as economic, environmental and social well-being of the population.


Shvydka, T. I.;  Ostapenko, Yu. I.;  Zadykhaylo, D. D.;  Vaksman, R. V.;  Stankevych, S. V.;  Matsyura, M. V.

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