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The United Nations Agenda 2030 established 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guideline to guarantee a sustainable worldwide development. Recent advances in artificial intelligence and other digital technologies have already changed several areas of modern society, and they could be very useful to reach these sustainable goals. In this paper we propose a novel decision making model based on surveys that ranks recommendations on the use of different artificial intelligence and related technologies to achieve the SDGs. According to the surveys, our decision making method is able to determine which of these technologies are worth investing in to lead new research to successfully tackle with sustainability challenges.


Alonso, Sergio;  Montes, Rosana;  Molina, Daniel;  Palomares, Ivan;  Martinez-Camara, Eugenio;  Chiachio, Manuel;  Chiachio, Juan;  Melero, Francisco J.;  Garcia-Moral, Pablo;  Fernandez, Barbara;  Moral, Cristina;  Marchena, Rosario;  Perez de Vargas, Javier;  Herrera, Francisco

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