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Since the publication of the original paper on power system stability definitions in 2004, the dynamic behavior of power systems has gradually changed due to the increasing penetration of converter interfaced generation technologies, loads, and transmission devices. In recognition of this change, a Task Force was established in 2016 to re-examine and extend, where appropriate, the classic definitions and classifications of the basic stability terms to incorporate the effects of fast-response power electronic devices. This paper based on an IEEE PES report summarizes the major results of the work of the Task Force and presents extended definitions and classification of power system stability.


Hatziargyriou, Nikos;  Milanovic, Jovica;  Rahmann, Claudia;  Ajjarapu, Venkataramana;  Canizares, Claudio;  Erlich, Istvan;  Hill, David;  Hiskens, Ian;  Kamwa, Innocent;  Pal, Bikash;  Pourbeik, Pouyan;  Sanchez-Gasca, Juan;  Stankovic, Aleksandar;  Van Cutsem, Thierry;  Vittal, Vijay;  Vournas, Costas

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