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Special protection schemes (SPSs) are an efficient alternative to increase the flexibility in the operation of power systems. The implementation of SPSs is often motivated by technical rather than economic reasons. The aim of this paper is to propose a novel framework for the analysis and development of SPSs in a context from the Chilean experience that comprises both technical and economic incentives to enable high penetration of solar energy. With this purpose, this paper explores the new capabilities of SPSs based on maximizing the cost-effective integration of solar power into a power system, given a set of technical challenges (congestion and dynamic response in case of contingencies) that must be considered in their design. In this framework, three main drivers were identified and discussed. The discussion includes the mechanisms associated with each driver that promote the massive integration of solar power. Moreover, within the proposed technical-economic framework, a methodology for driver selection and SPS design is proposed. The methodology and the drivers identified are evaluated in the Chilean power system.


Valencia, Felipe;  Palma-Behnke, Rodrigo;  Ortiz-Villalba, Diego;  De La Quintana, Alfredo;  Rahmann, Claudia;  Cifuentes, Richard

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