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ABSTRACT Objective  -This is a systematic review on the covid-19 and its post complication  using pulmonary rehabilitation as an intervention. This paper aims at gathering, focusing and presenting the current evidence and information on pulmonary rehabilitation to patients with COVID-19 and its effect upon the HRQoL, ADL and mental health. Design- This was a systematic review and 3756 studies were searched  on web of science, Scopus, PubMed, PEDro and google scholar. published from 18th Jan 2020- 19th Sep 2020 We also searched the reference lists of relevant studies, international clinical trial registries and respiratory conference abstracts to look for qualifying studies. Selection criteria; Randomised  controlled trial , case reports , cohort  and cross sectional studies in which pulmonary rehabilitation as an intervention in covid-19 patients and its effect on the HRQoL, ADL and mental anxiety depression health were included Result- Eleven, out of 3765 studies were included, consisting of 4 RCTs, 4, cross sectional, 2 case reports, and one cohort the studies evaluated the effects of PR on HQoL, ADL, mental health, anxiety and depression. In covid-19 patients.The 11 studies included evaluated HQoL, ADL, and mental health. among these Four studies reported using SF-36, IE(impact of the event) scale, and VAS. Three studies evaluated ADL through the FIM scale and Barthel index. Five studies evaluated mental health, anxiety, and depression using SAS(self-rating anxiety scale), SDS(self-rating depression scale), STAI(state-trait anxiety scale), PHQ-9(physical health questionnaire), MHLS(mental health lifestyle scale), and HADS(hospital anxiety and depression scale). Conclusion- Studies included in this review showed that PR is an effective treatment option for patients with covid-19, post complications and its effects upon the HQoL, ADL, mental health, anxiety and depression. this review shows that there is a need for more studies of a high methodological quality addressing PR effects on covid-19 patients.


Dar Javid Ahmad;  Amber Shagufa

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