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This document is a summary of a report prepared by the IEEE PES Task Force (TF) on Microgrid Stability Definitions, Analysis, and Modeling, IEEE Power and Energy Society, Piscataway, NJ, USA, Tech. Rep. PES-TR66, Apr. 2018, which defines concepts and identifies relevant issues related to stability in microgrids. In this paper, definitions and classification of microgrid stability are presented and discussed, considering pertinent microgrid features such as voltage-frequency dependence, unbalancing, low inertia, and generation intermittency. A few examples are also presented, highlighting some of the stability classes defined in this paper. Further examples, along with discussions on microgrid components modeling and stability analysis tools can be found in the TF report.


Farrokhabadi, Mostafa;  Lagos, Dimitris;  Wies, Richard W.;  Paolone, Mario;  Liserre, Marco;  Meegahapola, Lasantha;  Kabalan, Mahmoud;  Hajimiragha, Amir H.;  Peralta, Dario;  Elizondo, Marcelo A.;  Schneider, Kevin P.;  Canizares, Claudio A.;  Tuffner, Francis K.;  Reilly, Jim;  Simpson-Porco, John W.;  Nasr, Ehsan;  Fan, Lingling;  Mendoza-Araya, Patricio A.;  Tonkoski, Reinaldo;  Tamrakar, Ujjwol;  Hatziargyriou, Nikos

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