AutoDock is one of the most popular receptor-ligand docking simulation programs. It was first released in the early 1990s and is in continuous development and adapted to specific protein targets. AutoDock has been applied to a wide range of biological systems. It has been used not only for protein-ligand docking simulation but also for the prediction of binding affinity with good correlation with experimental binding affinity for several protein systems. The latest version makes use of a semi-empirical force field to evaluate protein-ligand binding affinity and for selecting the lowest energy pose in docking simulation. AutoDock4.2.6 has an arsenal of four search algorithms to carry out docking simulation including simulated annealing, genetic algorithm, and Lamarckian algorithm. In this chapter, we describe a tutorial about how to perform docking with AutoDock4. We focus our simulations on the protein target cyclin-dependent kinase 2.


Bitencourt-Ferreira, Gabriela;  Pintro, Val Oliveira;  de Azevedo, Walter Filgueira, Jr.

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