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Renewable energy sources (RES) are often associated with the production of clean electricity and free of significant adverse impacts. However, several studies, mostly in Europe and the United States of America (USA), highlight that social impacts and the management of the grid issues should not be overlooked. Some of these impacts are positive, as it is the case of its potential contribution to local and regional job creation or development. However, issues such as noise, changes in the landscape or availability of land for agricultural activities are often a matter of controversy or rejection by the population. The energy matrix in Brazil is already largely supported on hydroelectric plants. However, following the example of other countries, other renewable technologies with particular emphasis on wind or solar power have been gaining relevance. This paper addresses the integration of renewable energies in the Brazilian energy matrix and the evaluation of its external impacts and social acceptability. For this, a questionnaire is proposed aiming to evaluate the knowledge about RES and its social acceptance. The results of its first application in a test group are described drawing conclusions both on the implementation procedure and the expected outcomes.

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