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Lithium-collaborating organic batteries (Li-[28]hexs) were investigated with [28]hexaphyrin( as an active electrode material. Each hexaphyrin of [28]Hex cathode ideally involved four electrons per unit cycle and performed a typical charge/discharge processes of Li-organic battery. Li-[28]Hex batteries set with fast charging rates showed reasonably stable charge and discharge performances over 200 cycles even though it caused incomplete (2 similar to 3 electrons) charge/discharge cycles due to failing the complete charging process. UV absorption changes of [28]hexaphyrin in CH2Cl2 were supplementary for the electrochemical oxidation, which performed a conversion from [28]hexaphyrin to [26]hexaphyrin.


Shin, Ji-Young;  Zhang, Zhongyue;  Awaga, Kunio;  Shinokubo, Hiroshi

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