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This paper reports the study on a multiaxial 2D interlaced woven structure able to provide specified strengths in four different directions and the development of its manufacturing process. This structure is obtained by the insertion of interlaced bias yarns at approximately 45 degrees between the weft and the warp. Using the principle of the insertion and interlacement of yarns in bias directions, a multiaxial weaving system has been designed which comprises the warp feeding, bias yarns feeding and criss-cross insertion, shedding, incorporating one heddle, weft feeding and insertion, beating-up mechanism, incorporating the reed, fabric taking-up and winding mechanisms. The designing of the system includes the use of conventional weaving elements with completely new mechanisms or the modification of existing ones. The multiweave prototype developed in this work is used to produce different types of directionally oriented structures using various types of fibres (HT polyester, aramid, carbon and glass) and yarn counts. The important characteristics of this new fabric structure is the criss-crossing between all four sets of yarns which increases the capability for supporting more severe mechanical loads without failure, i.e. without delaminating. The strength-weight ratio is expected to increase, which can be very advantageous for applications in the areas like composites for the aircraft and car industries as well as in marine textiles for boat and ship building, which are the products subjected to severe stressing conditions.


Lima, Mario;  Fangueiro, Raul;  Costa, Antonio;  Rosiepen, Christien;  Rocha, Valter

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