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The level of participation of communities in distributed generation projects is a fundamental challenge for energy transition processes. Based on the experience of the Ayllu Solar project in the implementation of the co-construction methodology, this article debate on the participation of the communities in the development of energy projects, identifying learning and challenges. In this context, it is emphasized that for the success of the participatory processes it is necessary to have a thorough diagnosis of the territory; develop a proposal with sociocultural relevance; establish clear rules for the operation of work teams; work with organizations previously constituted, among others key aspects. In turn, it was possible to identify four types of barriers for the implementation of the Methodology in the territory: temporal, territorial, educational and sociocultural. Finally. two critical aspects were identified for the development of projects of this type: the tension caused by the existence of several understandings in the multidisciplinary teams on the scope of local participation, on the other hand, the contradictions and difficulties marked by the distrust generated by projects that are promoted local development, but based on the development of extractive industry. Both aspects pose great challenges for the participation and sustainability of this type of projects.


Montedonico, Marcia;  Herrera-Neira, Francisca;  Marconi, Andres;  Urquiza, Anahi

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