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The Energy Center has developed a co-construction methodology to address the challenges of technology transfer-based on distributed generation projects-in the context of energy transitions in isolated locations. Based on the experiences developed between 2010 and 2017, this paper analyses the process of preparing the Co-construction methodology. New tools were identified under the light of a theoretical-methodological reflection and a new version of co-construction methodology is proposed from this discussion. This learning process combines academic research and applied projects. It has provided Energy Center with an improved set of tools for current projects, and also contributed to a theoretical-methodological discussion based on new research activities. The main problems of method faced are presented during interdisciplinary work, such as: common understanding of fundamental concepts (sustainability, participation, community); the domination of one discipline over the others; the different visions of the priorities within the same project. And those problems given by the participation process under the paradox of "framing-overflowing", where the constraints of actual projects (deadlines, budget, and specific KPIs) could limit the possibility of performing in depth diagnostics and building trust. One of the main challenges identified is that an actual impact on the overall experience is only feasible if lessons can be translated into concrete products (best practices, guidelines, tools), so can be adopted by future project developers.


Montedonico, Marcia;  Herrera-Neira, Francisca;  Marconi, Andres;  Urquiza, Anahi;  Palma-Behnke, Rodrigo

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