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The article presents the results of pathomorphological research of pulmonary tissue in 19 deep premature newborns born with a birthweight less than 1500 grams, gestational age less than 32 weeks and the risk factors of forming of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia has been conducted, using histological and immunohistochemical methods. In all study groups, morphological vascular changes can be characterized angiodysplasia, in the form of the presence of immature vessels with severe malformation, thickening of the wall and general violations of architectonics, were revealed. Immunohistochemical changes of the respiratory, bronchoal veolar and vascular branches of the pulmonary tissue were also revealed as accumulation of Vimentine in the vessels wall of the immature alveoli and bronchioles. In addition, there was a low level of nuclear antigen expression in the areas of pulmonary dysplasia and vascular malformations. The obtained results indicate about decrease the regenerative capacity of the pulmonary tissue in the late neonatal period, the absence of regeneration processes of the pulmonary tissue in the postneonatal period and, accordingly, the interruption of the alveolarization and angiogenesis.


Bykovska, O. A.;  Yablon, O. S.;  Savrun, T., I;  Procuik, T. L.;  Kyslova, Yu O.

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