Science Press

About Science Press

Science Press is the core member of China Science Publishing Group and also the largest comprehensive sci-tech publishing orgainzation in China. According to the "2008 Compilation of Statistical Data of China's Press and Publica¬tion" issued by Financial Department of China's General Administration of Press and Publica¬tion, Science Press takes the lead among China's sci-tech publishers in terms of annually-published titles and their total list prices. Accord¬ing to the data from "2008 General Situation of China's Press and Publication Industries", Science Press occupies more than 10% of the book market share of the whole country in the publication of books on such areas as biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy and geology. And according to the competitiveness charts of publishing houses issued in recent consecutive years by a research group in Beijing for researching the publishing houses' competi¬tiveness, Science Press has been in the first place among China's sci-tech publishers and in either the third or fourth places if compared to all other publishers across China.