International Conference of Desert Studies (ICDS)


First International Conference of Desert Studies (ICDS - 2021) aimed to display and discuss the most recent scientific researches and innovations that advocated sustainable agriculture. Therefore, lead to optimal investment in natural available Resources and Conservation of these Resources. Furthermore, this conference aimed to find the recent mechanisms to overcome the problems and challenges that faced the agriculture sector in future. These challenges climate change, worsening the desertification phenomenon, square of Water Resources and food security. Moreover, researcher and experts from other universities had a chance to share technical and scientific knowledge. As well as the public sectors who are engaged in efforts to understand the desert sciences in fields of Desertification combat and Water Resources Management in Desert Regions, Ecosystem and Biodiversity in Desert Regions, Geology and Remote Sensing., Recent Agricultural Techniques Using in Desert Soil Management, Desert Regions Exploitation for Agricultural Production Regards.

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