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Content of review 1, reviewed on December 23, 2019

Abstract: Discussed well the objective of the study and study design.

Methods: Discusses autism well and it's associating factors. Statistical factors were well discussed. Good sample size.

However, did the funding foundation have a possible influence over the study?

Discussion: Well discussed, data on sibling association was discussed which was an important factor.

The link between the possible vaccine and Autism association, at the molecular level, was not addressed.

limitation of date of 1st diagnoses of Autism with is probably delayed compared to the age of onset is information bias.

Results: Reflect the study

The overall well-dicussed study, however the molecular explanation is needed to explain why a vaccine could or could not cause Autism. Reference of data is not enough.


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    Anders, H., Vinslov, H. J., Morten, F., Mads, M. 2019. Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccination and Autism A Nationwide Cohort Study. Annals of Internal Medicine, 170(8).