Content of review 1, reviewed on June 14, 2014

Following presentation by Eugene d'Eon of the paper in Prague I can recall two questions:

1) Ravi Ramamoorthi: "It seems that there is an analogous relationship between the Marschner model and the spherical Gaussian M function in your paper much like the difference between Blinn Phong and Phong specular lobes for surfaces". Response: "Hmmm, I'm not sure."

2) Marcos Fajardo: "We found an importance sampling scheme for the Marschner model. Can you comment on importance sampling for your new model?" Response: "No, haven't thought about it." (However, a method was later published in a SIGGRAPH 2013 technical brief that importance samples it completely and analytically).


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    Eugene, d., Guillaume, F., Martin, H., Joe, L., Jean-Marie, A. 2011. An Energy-Conserving Hair Reflectance Model. Computer Graphics Forum.