Content of review 1, reviewed on February 18, 2021

Comments on abstract, title, references

Title is engaging and spark the interest of reading. Abstract incorporates the background information of this study, the aim of the study, method used and the key findings, which are consistent with the article. The references are relevant, current and cited correctly.

Comments on introduction/background

The paper gave a sound description of the study context, and clearly demonstrated the study gap and the importance of investigation of this topic.

Comments on methodology

This paper is a qualitative study and used triagulation in their measurement. Subjects contain both streamers and viewers, as well as the actual behaviour observed online. The methods include interviews, focus groups and observations. Triangulating these different methods and standpoints can improve the reliability and validity of the study. Hence, it is feasible.

Comments on data and results

This paper is a qualitative study. It will be great to include a figure detailing the procedure of data analysis.

Comments on discussion and conclusions

The author made an accurate statement of the study's major results and compared with other related literature with explanations of the findings. Also, the article is followed with an discussion of limitations and suggestions for future work.


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