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In the near future, precise digital map data is said to be applied to the next generation car navigation system as well as ITS to increase the driving safety. It is important to maintain digital map data's freshness and accuracy. A MMS (Mobile Mapping System) can acquire this highway database, while offering unbeatable productivity with the combination of navigation and videogrammetry tools. The proposed MMS, featuring a GPS/DR combined navigation system, a GPS-Gyro/IMU, nearly horizontal cameras, laser scanners, high sampling rate road data measurement logger, and the network-based RTK-GPS PAS (TM) can acquire road feature location like snow-poles, guard-rails, road signs and road line precisely at normal cruising speed considering 3D road surface model. The carrier phased D-GPS/DR combined navigation system and GPS-Gyro/IMU performs highly accurate positioning performance at a few centimeter and posture estimation at 0.073 [deg rms] for heading and 0.064 [deg rms] for pitching, and 0.116 [deg rms] for rolling. Furthermore, the proposed road feature digitizing method, featuring 2D camera image projection to the 3D road surface model, allows users to understand complicated 3D point-cloud data intuitively and to designate desired road feature with few mistakes.The accuracy comparison between the static RTK-GPS/Total-Station measurement with the dynamic MMS mobile measurement reveal that the system allows 0.3 [m] road feature measurement accuracy with unbeatable productivity when sufficient GPS visibility is obtained.


Ishikawa, Kiichiro;  Amano, Yoshiharu;  Hashizume, Takumi;  Takiguchi, Jun-ichi

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