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High-mobility solution-processed all-inorganic solid state nanocrystal (NC) transistors with low operation voltage and near-zero hysteresis are demonstrated using high-capacitance ZrOx and hydroxyl-free Cytop gate dielectric materials. The use of inorganic capping ligands (In2Se42- and S2-) allowed us to achieve high electron mobility in the arrays of solution-processed CdSe nanocrystals. We also studied the hysteresis behavior and switching speed of NC-based field effect devices. Collectively, these analyses helped to understand the charge transport and trapping mechanisms in all-inorganic NCs arrays. Finally, we have examined the rapid thermal annealing as an approach toward high-performance solution-processed NCs-based devices and demonstrated transistor operation with mobility above 30 cm(2)/(V s) without compromising low operation voltage and hysteresis.


Chung, Dae Sung;  Lee, Jong-Soo;  Huang, Jing;  Nag, Angshuman;  Ithurria, Sandrine;  Talapin, Dmitri V.

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