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Combined with the already large dimension of most of all power systems, the variable electricity output of the RES (Renewable Energy Sources) power plants, such as wind and hydro power technologies, is seen as an important challenge for the electricity system managers. This study addresses the electricity planning of units allocation based on the available resources, considering an increase in wind capacity. A simplified short term electricity planning approach is proposed resulting in a non-linear optimization model, aiming to demonstrate that this new model can bring considerable advantages for energy decision makers. The model is applied for the particular case of the foreseen electricity system in Portugal in 2020. The results demonstrate that in general the simplified version leads to a possible underestimation of costs comparatively to extended version but rather similar values for CO2 emissions. In what concerns to the model running time, a significant reduction can be achieved which means that the simplified approach may be used with significant benefits in the computational time. The model is also used for the analysis of different wind power scenarios, leading to results close to the ones obtained with the extended version.


Pereira, Sergio;  Ferreira, Paula;  Vaz, A. I. F.

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