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The aim of this research was to perform a numerical stress analysis in zirconia framework crown designs virtually inserted in a dental implant. The framework designs were obtained using a CAD-CAM dental system. A 3D geometry .stl file was exported and processed into a numerical model to perform finite elements (FE) simulations. A qualitative stress analysis of the interproximal areas was performed using unitary loads in a vertical and oblique direction. Results of the stress analysis with FEM showed that the highest stresses were obtained in the conventional framework design, decreasing in the other designs, especially in the last one with the rounded cervical-middle projection. Therefore, it seems that the new designs shows improvement in stress distribution in the interproximal areas showing an overall improvement in the final strength of the framework.


Lopes, I.;  Correia, A.;  Sampaio, J. C.;  Kovacs, Z.;  Ramos, N. V.;  Vaz, M.

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