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Health professionals constantly need to improve its education with continuing education. However these courses are costly, not only for participants, but also to the institutions due the absence of health professional available work to participate on physical courses. According with Castro (Castro et al., 2011) it is necessary to find new teaching and learning methods in the health area, with the development of actual, innovative and appealing digital resources that could be used in different learning activities. Learning Management Systems (LMS), Learning Objects and Thematic repositories of digital contents are some concepts linked together with the purpose to create a new global model of teaching and learning. The Faculty of Dental Medicine of the University of Porto (FMDUP), particularly, professors of Removable Prosthodontics pretends to implement a thematic Learning Object to support the teaching of Removable Partial Denture. This paper will describe a work in progress to achieve this goal.


Alves, Susana;  Figueiral, Maria Helena;  Correia, Andre;  de Castro, Antonio Vieira

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