Most liquid medications developed for Pediatrics have in its composition sugar, in order to promote its ingestion. However this represents a high risk factor for tooth decay in these ages. The purpose of this research was to evaluate, in a descriptive study, the perceptions and attitudes of the children caregivers against the cariogenic potential of pediatric liquid medications.A questionnaire was distributed to 65 children caregivers ( children with ages of 0-12 years old) who have used the 'Child Health' Consultation of the Primary Health Center 'Barao do Corvo', in Vila Nova de Gaia, between November and December, 2008. A descriptive analysis was performed on the results obtained.The results revealed that the therapeutic classes most often cited are: analgesics / antipyretics (96.9%) and antibiotics (81.5%), mostly in the form of syrup. Most of the children caregivers (54%) know the relation between the use of pediatric liquid medication and the development of dental caries in children. Nevertheless, 85% do not perform a correct oral hygiene of the children after this intake. The majority of family doctors, pediatricians or dentists (88%) do not instruct the caregivers for a correct children's oral hygiene after syrups intake.Within the limitations of the study, it can be concluded that it is necessary to promote oral-health education on this issue among children caregivers and health professionals, so they know the cariogenic potential of this pediatric liquid medications, and may promote a proper oral hygiene after its intake. (C) 2011 Sociedade Portuguesa de Estomatologia e Medicina Dentaria. Published by Elsevier Espana, S.L. All rights reserved.


Leite, Filipa;  Leite, Cristiana;  Correia, Andre;  Pinto, Ma. Elvira

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