Objectives: Characterization of the partial edentulism from a sample of patients attending the university clinic of a Dental Medicine School.Methods: The eletronic medical records of the patients who attended the Removable Prosthodontics Curricular Unit in 2010/2011 and 2011/2012 were analyzed, in order to describe the following variables: age, gender, profession, number of lost teeth, lost teeth classification, Kennedy classification and type of prosthetic rehabilitation of the upper and lower jaw.Results: 573 electronic medical records (2010-2011: 260 patients; 2011-2012: 313 patients) were obtained, 177 of which were excluded due to not complying the inclusion criteria (n=396). Females constituted 58.6% and male 41.4%. The mean age was approximately 60 years. Third molars were the most lost teeth, followed by the first molars, and the inferior canines, which were the least lost. The most frequent Kennedy's class in the upper jaw was class III (39.6%), while in the lower jaw was class I (35.1%). Kennedy class I is more frequent in male patients while class II, III and IV in females. In both jaws, the class IV was the least frequent. The removable acrylic prosthesis was the most used. However, in over SO% of the clinical records the type of prostheses executed was not registered.Conclusions: Tooth loss is mainly posterior. Kennedy's classes I (lower jaw) and III (upper jaw) prevailed the most. The rehabilitation is mostly done with removable acrylic prosthesis. It is crucial to improve the integration of the electronic medical records in the universitary environment. (C) 2012 Sociedade Portuguesa de Estomatologia e Medicina Dentaria. Published by Elsevier Espana, S.L. All rights reserved.


Moreira Carneiro, Ana Cristina;  Maia Correia, Andre Ricardo;  Reis Campos, Jose Carlos;  Fonseca, Patricia;  Mesquita, Pedro;  Figueiral, Maria Helena

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