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Cleft palates are one of the main craniofacial congenital malformations related to aesthetic, functional and psychosocial changes. The dentist's understanding its many manifestations is essential to determine the best treatment to apply on each patient, a frequent option being palatal obturators.This article reviews the use of palatal obturators as maxillofacial removable prosthesis used to close, cover or maintain the integrity of oronasal compartments in cleft palates and the application of new techniques for their confection. Palatal plate obturators for babies, conventional palatal obturators, and palatal obturators with pharyngeal bulb (used for velopharyngeal insufficiency) are the types of prostheses used in the oral rehabilitation of patients.


Silva, Marco Antonio;  Correia, Andre;  Figueiral, Helena;  Campos, Vicente;  Leite, Teresa Pereira;  Tavares, Tiago;  Campos, Reis

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