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The aim of the research is to identify the psychological and pedagogical principles of distance learning for children with cognitive development disorder in primary school. During the exploratory and empirical research, it was observed that the actual conditions of distance learning for pupils with cognitive development disorder cover the categories as follows: ZOOM is the most common method of distance learning; distance learning is more difficult to manage; distance learning is more stressful compared to face-to-face training. The triads of psychological and pedagogical fundamentals for organizing distance learning have been formalized, namely: the name and content of the component of educational activity, psychological correctional objectives, and techniques used in distance learning. The features of the course of cognitive processes in the context of the psychological and pedagogical principles of organizing distance learning for children of primary school age with cognitive development disorder have been revealed.


Sosnich, Yuliia;  Reida, Karolina;  Dehtiarenko, Tetiana;  Kolyshkin, Oleksandr;  Kosenko, Yurii;  Omelchenko, Iryna

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