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The frequency and temperature dependence of dielectric properties of CH3NH3PbI3 (MAPI) crystals have been studied and analyzed in connection with temperature-dependent structural studies. The obtained results bring arguments for the existence of ferroelectricity and aim to complete the current knowledge on the thermally activated conduction mechanisms, in dark equilibrium and in the presence of a small external a.c. electric field. The study correlates the frequency-dispersive dielectric spectra with the conduction mechanisms and their relaxation processes, as well as with the different transport regimes indicated by the Nyquist plots. The different energy barriers revealed by the impedance spectroscopy highlight the dominant transport mechanisms in different frequency and temperature ranges, being associated with the bulk of the grains, their boundaries, and/or the electrodes' interfaces.


Patru, Roxana E.;  Khassaf, Hamidreza;  Pasuk, Iuliana;  Botea, Mihaela;  Trupina, Lucian;  Ganea, Constantin-Paul;  Pintilie, Lucian;  Pintilie, Ioana

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