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This paper presents a versatile tool for the self-inductance calculation of planar coils. Due to the growing interest in planar coils in the past few years, the possibility of using an analytical model as a valid alternative to FEM simulations, regarding versatility and result reliability, would be of great interest. The ideal scenario would be to combine speed, precision, easy interaction and understanding, while adding versatility in terms of geometry. To achieve that, a tool, based on Grover equations, that calculates the self-inductance of planar coils with a general geometry has been developed. The results achieved using this method, considering different coil geometries and dimensions, were compared with the main analytical methods that can be found in the literature, proving the reliability of the proposed method. This model has the novelty of not having any limitation on the coil geometry or dimension, which is not the case for the other existing methods.


Faria, Andreia Raquel S.;  Marques, Luis Silvino;  Gaspar, Joao;  Alves, Filipe Serra;  Cabral, Jorge Miguel N. S.

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